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Chawk - I Jilau Khana (Forecourt)

Porticos in the Enclosure

Paradise Garden, near the museum

Al kawther - The Celestial Pool of Ambundance

Paradise Garden - Early Morning

On the Chhaka (Plinth) - by minarates

At the Front of the Chhaka (Plinth)

View From the Rooftop chhatri

On the Roof of the Mausoleum

The Reflecting Pool by Mosque

The Mosque

View from the Minarates

The River Yamuna and the chhaka (Plinth)

On The Chameli Farsh(Terrace)

The Entrance to the Mausoleum

The Rouza (Tombs) in the Mausoleum Crypt

By the jali entrance to the cenotophs

The cenotophs

The interior octagonal Room

Inside the Gatehouse