Taj Mahal, A Tribute to Beauty of Mumtaz Mahal by Shah Jehan
Taj Mahal virtual tour



Arches and Symmetry at the Taj Mahal
Lord Curzon's Brass Lamp
Calligraphy and Inscriptions
Islamic Decorative Schemes
Dados of the Taj Mahal
The Dome of the Mausoleum
The Interior of the Main Dome
The Finial of the Main Dome
The Forecourt and Taj Ganj
Features of the Paradise Garden
Chahar bagh - Gardens of Paradise
The Gateway to the Taj Mahal
The Mehmenkhana ( Guesthouse )
Parchin Kari - Marble Inlay
Hasht Bihisht and the Central Chamber
Stones and Marbles of the Taj Mahal
The Minaret and the Muezzin
The Varied Moods of the Taj Mahal
The Mosque
The Inspiration for the Taj Mahal
The Decorative Guldastas ( Pinnacles )
Preserving the Taj Mahal
The River Yamuna
Jalis around the Cenotaphs
Princess Diana at the Taj Mahal


p06am - Early Morning View of Monument
p06pm - Late Afternoon View of Monument
p11 - In the Gardens, near the Museum
p15 - near the South Wall
p17 - Rooftop Kiosk
p21 - Rooftop view of Mosque, Gardens and River
p23 - between Guest House and Monument
p24 - North Side, River View
p34 - on Platform, near Minaret
p47 - Mosque Vestibule
p51 - Celestial Pool, center of gardens
p55 - inside the Gatehouse
p57 - the Gatehouse Courtyard
p59 - inside the Monument, entrance
p61 - inside the Monument, near screen
p69 - inside the Monument, near cenotaphs
p73 - inside the Monument, an interior room
p74 - between the Mosque and the Monument
p75 - between the Mosque & the Monument
p76 - inside the Monument, The Crypt Tombs
p77 - The Monument, front view
p99 - view from a Minaret

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