Explore the Taj Mahal

Explore the Taj Mahal, India from the Sunday Times, London
India, Taj Mahal, Wonders of the web grand tour

The Sunday Times reviewed
eight virtual tour websites
on 18 January 2004


Explore the Taj Mahal
was the only site to receive
the top 5-Star rating



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Text Version from The Sunday Times, 18 Jan 2004,

"Wonders of the web grand tour" by James Knight

Explore the Taj Mahal -- 5-Stars: A thrillingly executed virtual tour is the 21st-century cyber-traveller’s equivalent of the grand tour. Swooping through an exotic landscape, photographed in ravishing detail, is one of the most arresting of desktop experiences. “Immersive” is the buzzword; “wow” a frequent exclamation. Rival technologies have reached various pitches of perfection to bring us privileged glimpses into other ways of life, and this tour of the Taj Mahal offers a benchmark, so download the latest version of QuickTime before setting off [QT no longer needed]. Sumptuous wraparound panoramic views, which the visitor must rotate to move through, show off the 17th-century royal mausoleum at Agra in astonishing detail. Sitar flourishes and an intelligent audio commentary accompany a stroll through the Paradise Gardens into such restricted areas as Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb, while an arrow locates you on the accompanying 3-D map.